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Have you ever experienced…?

Your business has received a desirable order.
Well, it’s not just a desirable order. It is a large order.
The necessitated workers are ready. They possess the required qualifications and experience to meet the order. They urge to start working. Immediately.

Does the above scenario sound to good to be true?

You may face difficulties with recruiting the qualified staff, when you receive an order. Possibly it is too resource demanding to employ the staff permanently. This is not an unlikely situation. In fact, it is the reality for many businesses.

Receive access to qualified manpower by cooperating with us.

Safe Marine Service offers businesses flexible manpower for both short- and long-term periods.

We can meet your demand for qualified manpower with short notice, which will save you the time consuming and costly recruiting process – not to mention the obligations regards layoff announcements. 

Our specialty is to recruit specialized labor within manufacturing/industry/production, shipyards, as well as the wind and oil industry.

We primarily recruit Danish labor; however, we have partners in Poland, Rumania, Lithuania and England. 

Chose Safe Marine Service as your preferred recruiting partner and increase your competitive advantage:

Strengthen your competitive advantage by increasing flexibility

Minimize fixed labor costs

Safely accept more orders, as you can adjust your crew depending on your needs

You can spend more time on core tasks and projects

Gain easy access to qualified labor, which posses the required competences and effectively meets your demands

Don’t worry. We will take care of everything
  • The recruiting processes
  • Employment contracts
  • Payment of wages according to the current covenant
  • Payment of optional pay account/SH-savings
  • Pension payment
  • Holiday payment
  • Health insurance card
  • Tax number / CPR-number
  • Accomodation close to the workplace